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Moss, mould, lichen and mildew accumulate on almost all roof surfaces overtime if left untreated. Rainfall and large, shade-producing trees foster a dark and moist environment which expedites the growth of moss and mould. 

Living in the UK in general, makes things even worse. It rains a lot and it’s humid, which makes a roof clean a vital part of your property maintenance. It will mean you can avoid damage on the roof structure, leaks and other expensive renovations in the future.

Keeping your roof clean will save you money and protect one of the biggest investments of your life.

There are various ways you can clean your roof but our preferred methods, are either scraping the moss manually from scaffold towers or using a low pressure steam clean. After both methods we then apply a biocide which kills off remaining moss and lichen, gradually cleans the tiles over the course of a few months and continues to clean them for up to a year. This will also prevent regrowth for a significant period of time. 

The benefits of the scraping roof cleaning method, although slightly slower, we don’t have to walk on your roof so there is no risk to the tiles/batons, and there is no risk of causing leaks or damaging the coating of tiles which can happen with high pressure washing. The benefit of steam cleaning is the instant results but can be slightly rougher on the roof.

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