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Gutter Guards: worth the investment?

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Gutter guards, brushes, hedgehogs, however you like to refer to them, are they worth the investment? 

In short, no, but let me expand on that.

Gutter guards and hedgehogs are commonly touted as a great way to reduce your gutter cleaning bills and to stop your gutters getting blocked. Unfortunately if we take a step back and ignore the sales tactics for a moment we can see they actually do the complete opposite of how they’re advertised.

The problem with the systems is You are in affect introducing an instant blockage to the gutter, as well as providing the perfect breeding ground for moss and grass to grow. 

When a seed or organism lands in your gutter without one of these items in it will naturally just wash away before it has time to take hold in most instances, but if you have a gutter brush in it will trap these seeds allowing them to lay roots and grow into the rooftop gardens we regularly have to deal with. 

On top of the fact that these systems don’t work, is the unfortunate truth that not only will they cost a lot to install in the first place, they will then increase the following gutter maintenance costs exponentially! Not only will you still require regular gutter clearing the job will now consist of removal of the guards or hedgehogs, cleaning of the systems, then reinstallation (Which we would never advise unless in very specific circumstances).

How can I keep my gutters working as designed?

The only true way to keep your gutters working as intended is with a regular clearing and maintenance service as the manufacturers recommend. Luckily for the vast majority of properties this consists of yearly cleaning only and the odd joint replacement. We are able to provide all the services you should need for your gutters to keep them in perfect working order, from clearing and minor repairs to full replacements and installation, so feel free to get in touch now to see how we can help keep your property free of gutter caused damp.

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